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10 Reasons To Love Living in Columbia, SC

“Love where you live” is the motto that guides everything we do here at The Nalbone Team— including day-to-day living. We love our hometown! Whether you’re relocating from another city, exploring other neighborhoods or simply seeking new, fun ways to explore your hometown, this is the list for you! 1. There are more than 600 [...]

Creating a Dream Home Wish List

Even if you’ve been dreaming of owning a home for years, the options can be overwhelming. What’s better—a condo or single family home? Downtown Columbia or Irmo? Brand new or fixer upper? Answering questions like these is the first step to finding a home that’s perfect for your budget and lifestyle. You’ll end up with [...]

How to sell your house faster

3 Crucial Steps Every Home Seller Should Take

Recently, we provided the top ten questions every homebuyer should ask. Today’s post is for those of you who are getting ready to sell your home in the Columbia, SC area. Here are three steps we recommend you take before putting your house up for sale: More and more sellers today are seeing the value of [...]

Dream home in Columbia, SC

How to Find Your Dream Home in Columbia, SC

When most people hear the phrase “dream home” they immediately think of upscale kitchens, home theaters, spacious lawns and magazine-worthy outdoor living spaces. But moving into your dream home needn’t be a daydream. It’s more about finding the house that’s just right for you—your lifestyle, your needs, your day-to-day hobbies and activities. Finding your ideal [...]

Listing a home during the holidays

Should You List Your Home During the Holidays?

Exactly one year ago today, Zillow reported an interesting trend in residential real estate: “The home buying season is now year-round.” Twelve months later and this still rings true. While many sellers tend to avoid the busy holiday season, there are many reasons you might need to list your home in December: a new career [...]

Debby-Nalbone: Certified Luxury Home Specialist in Columbia, SC

This just in: Debby Nalbone is now certified by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. This means The Nalbone Team is an official, can’t-beat expert resource for lakefront and luxury real estate in the Columbia, SC market. The designation ensures Nalbone Team clients have access to special tools and resources for marketing homes to upscale [...]

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent

Do I Really Need a Real Estate Agent?

With all the real estate resources, tools and technologies at buyers’ and sellers’ fingertips, you may be wondering if using an agent is becoming an outdated tradition from a bygone era. We understand why it’s tempting to go it alone, but the truth is real estate is a tricky, complex business that can get very [...]

Staged Front Entrance

Staging 101: Sell Your Home Fast(er)

Thinking about putting your house on the market, but overwhelmed with the idea of staging? Take a deep breath. The Nalbone Team is here to help! These easy tips will help you set your home apart from the competition and get it sold faster. A first impression is a lasting impression. So make sure it's [...]


Keller Williams Mobile App for Columbia, SC

Columbia area homebuyers: Have you downloaded Debby Nalbone’s mobile app yet? If not, you can get it here. The Nalbone Team’s Keller Williams app puts some amazing features at your fingertips to help make your home search much easier and more enjoyable. Go ahead. Download it to your favorite mobile device. We’ll wait. Got it? [...]

How to sell your house faster

Four Tips for Selling Your Home Faster in Columbia, SC

If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, it means you’re ready to move. So you may not be thrilled at the thought of taking a step back first to make sure your house is truly ready to be seen by potential buyers. Trust us on this: A little investment of time [...]